Top 8 Wine Quotes & Wine Humors

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Out of Difficulties Grow Miracle...
...The best wine comes from a stressed soil.

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The best wine is made from grapes with the high concentration of fruit essence.. and that can only come from a poor soil with good drainage. Too fertile or too much sunshine, the grapes would have too much sugar and lacking fruit concentration and sufficient acidity. Human beings are like wine. Challenges make us braver and better. Let's embrace each challenge as an opportunity to grow miracles.

"Wine make the sage frolic...
...and the serious smile"

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"Wine can of their wits the wise beguile; Make the sage frolic, and the serious smile" -- Homer.

Maybe because of this, wine is a great asset when it comes to social and business settings. Just remember, moderation is crucial.. read our next wine humor...

Make Your Wine Taste Better in 3 Simple Steps

I practice drinking in moderation...
I don't need a lot, just ONE good bottle!

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I don't eat nor drink much... though I would still not be a cheap date... My one bottle of choice... costs as much as several bottles combined.



The best aren't meant to be seen with the eyes...
...Feel it with your heart and soul!

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Resist judging situation, people or wine by appearance. We can't see the blackcurrants or the violets in the glass, but we can smell them. Trust your senses. Feel and not just see.

Life and Wine are similar...
...A colorful journey has both sunshine and rain!

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How would a life be without joy or sorrow, ups or downs, achievements or set-backs? Rain or shine, the journey makes us a more interesting and hopefully a more well-rounded person. The best bottle of wine has both sunshine and rain.

Become an Instant Wine Pro in 3 Minutes


A red wine is not red...
But it can be purple, ruby, garnet or tawny.

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The color of a wine reveals its grape variety as well as its age. There are various shades of "red" when it comes to describing wine -- A recently released shiraz from Australia for example, is generally deep purple in color; A 2-year old burgundy from Central Otagao could be ruby in color; a 8 year old Bordeaux would be garnet in color; and a 20-year old port should be tawny in color.

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The Perfect Bottle for a Cat Lover?
Try New Zealand's Sauvignon Blanc.

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The typical notes of a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc are gooseberry, elderflowers, grapefruits and grass. However, the term "Cat's Pee" is often used to describe the wine. Not sure how many of us have smelled "cat's pee"... Are cat lovers more fond of New Zealand's Sauvignon Blancs because of its familiar notes? Ask your cat-loving friends!

The Past.. The Present.. The Future
Life is an intersting journey of CHANGE!

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Our wine palate appears to reflect our life preference. Having interviewed a wide sample of seasoned wine lovers and collectors on whether their wine preferences have evolved, majority replied yes. Many have started with Bordeaux and evolved to Burgundy, Barolo, and/or Brunello. The link from their past, present, and future... They all seem to begin with a "B". What about yours?

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