Best Way to Keep the Bubbles Longer

There are many ways to keep an open bottle of Champagne fresh longer. But what really works?

Best Way to Preserve Champagne After Opening

Inserting a Silver or Metal Spoon into an Open Bottle of Champagne:

We will spare you the lengthy details of the experiments conducted by scientists and wine authorities to validate if this ancient practice is an effective way to preserve the bubbles in an opened bottle of sparkling. In short, this is a myth and not our recommended way to keep your open bottle of Champagne fresh longer.

Transfer to a Smaller Container:

While effective for red and white wine, this is not our recommended method for a sparkling or Champagne. In the transfer process, bubbles (CO2) would be lost. This actually makes an open bottle to go flat faster.

Using a Champagne Stopper:

There are many fancy Champagne stopper in the market, most are inexpensive (US$5-US$10). When choosing, go for one that comes with a inner rubber ring and has two hinged side flaps to firmly grip the bottle.

Tips: When using a champagne stopper, best store the bottle upright to avoid spilling. If you want to lay the bottle flat in the fridge, try Cilio champagne sealer. It is designed for storing opened Champagne flat.

Note that the Champagne stopper works well with standard Champagne bottles, but not all sparklings.

Putting the Bottle in the Fridge:

This is the most effective way to keep an open bottle fresh longer. Carbon dioxide, what makes a Champagne bubbles, is more soluble in cold liquid. This means when your bottle of sparkling becomes warm, bubbles will force themselves out, going flat very quickly.

Tips: If a fridge is not accessible during dinner, put the Champange in the ice-bucket before and after serving. Just remember, the most important is to keep it cold at all time!

Even without a cap, the Champagne will retain longer when cold. Having said that, our recommendation is do use a Champagne stopper to keep the carbon dioxide within the bottle and store the open bottle of Champagne in your fridge. This could keep the Champagne fresh for several days up to one week.




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