Top Ten Wine Accessories

What would be the perfect wine accessory gifts for wine lovers? Below is our top ten wine accessories that are very handy to have at home. And Yes, it is possible to be trendy and practical at the same time!

10. Keep Whites Chilled; Cool Down Reds
Corkcicle Air Wine Chiller and Aerator

Top Ten Wine Accessories

Temperature matters when it comes to serving wine.  Corkcicle has added new aerating and pouring features to its original chiller, making it super easy to use. Its freezing gel maintains chilled whites temperature and cools down room-temperature reds (which is very handy in hot summer or in winter when the heater is on). What we like in addition to its design and feature -- it is made from BPA-free plastic and non-toxic freeze gel.  Price ~US$25.

9. Keep Your Bottle Chilled on The Go
Le Creuset Wine Cooler Sleeve

Top Ten Wine Accessories

Compared to most wine cooler sleeves, Le Creuset is designed to cover and chill even the neck area.  We also prefer its sturdier and trendy design.  Perfect for keeping wines chilled while heading to dinners / parties.  Also friendly to use at home when there is no space for ice-bucket. Price: ~US$ 22.



8. No More Breakage and Heat Damage
VinniBag Inflatable Travel Bag

Top Ten Wine Accessories

A travel pouch became a necessity when travel regulations required wines to be checked-in.  We have tried many travel pouch.  VinniBag stands out for various reasons: it uses higher quality material (the rubber does not stink to start with). It is truly reusable, flexible, can fit odd size champagne, whiskey bottles. And most importantly, it comes with two compartments which serves as a great temperature buffer for the bottle. A friend also uses it as a travelling back cushion...but that is not why we like it. Price: ~US$ 28.



7. Ah So! Removing Fragile Cork is Easy
Monopol Two-Prong Cork Puller

Top Ten Wine Accessories

It is frustrating to get pieces of cork in your wine.  Regular corkscrews aren’t designed to extract fragile or about-to-crumble corks.  Ah-So is an essential tool at home for wine lovers.  There are economic ones in the market, priced around US$5.  We like Monopol as it is sturdier, superfine, polished, satin finished, and made in Germany.  Price: ~US$ 30.



6. Stop the Bubbles
Le Creuset Champagne Stopper

Top Ten Wine Accessories

In addition to being a stylish version, Le Creuset’s Champagne Stopper is also air sealed, allowing an opened Champagne / sparkling to be stored in the fridge on its side.  It is easier to use (just flip its valve to lock in pressure) than most products in the market, though comes with a much pricier price tag and a 10 year warranty.  Price: ~US$ 36.



5. A Pocket Glass Decanter
Vinturi Aerator

Top Ten Wine Accessories

Not all restaurants are fully equipped with sufficient glass decanters?  Vinturi is a handy gadget, easy and light.  Unlike most funnels, vinturi does not use the simple funnel tunnel and pores design (which require a decanter to avoid a wide splash).  Its trendy design makes every drop of wine exposed to air, allowing the wine to open up faster, and without sprouting everywhere.  Comes in two colors (black and white) and an optional standing tower. Price Range: ~US$ 20.



4. Treat the Mature Differently
Peugeot Vendange Decanter

Top Ten Wine Accessories

When comes to young, bold wines, we prefer decanter with a wide surface area that allow rapid aeration.  For mature wines, we want the opposite – a decanter that allows wine to be gently flowed down its side, a small surface area, and a cap to prevent aroma loss.  There are many in the market.  Peugeot Vendange Decanter is one elegant example.   Price: ~US$ 90.



3. A Glass that Reveals ALL
Riedel's Sommeliers Burgundy Grand Cru Glass

Top Ten Wine Accessories

There is a wine for a special occasion; this is the glass for special occassion. Described by Decanter Magazine as  the “Finest Burgundy glass of all time, suitable for young and old Burgundies”, the unique design of Riedel’s Sommeliers Burgundy Grand Cru glass effectively exposes all the flower and fruit aromas in a great Burgundy.  Other perks – this glass also works perfect for the aroma-packed Barolo and Barbaresco. Price: ~US$ 106.

2. Improve Your Senses
Le Nez Master Aroma Kit

Top Ten Wine Accessories

Good for self-practice as well as for wine dinner parties, test your senses and train your tasting skills. Comes in various sizes, the master kit is the most extensive of Le Nez’s aroma kit containing 54 aromas commonly found in wine (e.g. lemon, rose, violet, wine lees, cut hay, musk, leather, smokey notes etc).  Le Nez also offers basic set of 12 aromas for white wine, red wine, as well as wine faults.  Price Range: ~US$ 129 for 12 aromas, US$ 399 for 54 aromas.

1. Drink Any Wine Any Time Without Reservation

Top Ten Wine Accessories

Drink a wine without uncorking! Coravin's design contains a thin needle that penetrate through the cork. By injecting argon gas, wine is pumped out little by little. This design allow a bottle to be kept for months as the unused wine was never exposed to air. Wine lover who holds onto special bottles can now enjoy a glass now and then without reservation. Price: ~US$ 299 + Refill Capsules (US$10 each).



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