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Wine Splashing in Glass


Removing a Broken Cork: You can do it!

Where you insert the corkscrew and which direction you pull matters! Expert tips on how to do it successfully.

Fastest Way to Chill a Bottle of Wine

Freeze, fridge or ice-bucket? Which is the most efficient. Know how to chill a bottle in 15 minutes!

10 Facts to Become an Instant Wine Pro: 3 Min Self-Upgrade

No patience or lack of time? Here is the short insider wine guide. Ten facts that will turn you into an immediate wine pro. How many of these do you know? Know what to do and more importantly, what not to do!

Good vs. Bad Vintage: Buy Smart

Vintage matters. A great vintage can be pricey; A bad one wastes of money. What are the safe vintages? Which are the ones to avoid?

Serving Order of Wine: Traditional vs. Practical

5 Traditional serving order guidelines. When are the practical exceptions? When is it ok to serve sweet before dry? Red before white? Old before young? Expert tips.

Host a Wine Tasting Party: DIY

Fun themes for a wine tasting party. Spice up your gathering, make it "blind" by masking the bottles. Have fun while learning more about wine with your friends. Preparation, template, and tips.

Wine Investment: DO's and DON'Ts

Wine as an asset, while less volatile than the stock market, has its downside. Expert tips to how to manage risk and make money on your wine investment.

What makes a wine Great? Be Your Own Judge

Not liking a wine does not make it bad. Know the 5 elements that make a wine great.

Wine and Moods Pairing: Enjoy it or Change it!

Feeling sad or low energy, change your moods with the right glass. Feeling sexy or playful, enjoy it with a glass of...

Relax with a Glass of Vino Punch!

Don't throw away an unfinished bottle. Make a vino punch wiht it. Simple recipe enclosed.

Got Left-Over Wine: Freeze It!

Freezing a wine can keep it for 3 months (vs. 3 days). What are can you do with a wine ice cube?

Best Way to Preserve Champagne After Open

Various methods discussed. Facts vs. Myths. Tips on how to keep an open Champagne fresh for up to a week.

Ten Must-Have Wine Accessories

Looking for the perfect gift for a wine lover? Or ways to improve your wine tasting enjoyment? Ten must-have wine tools. How many do you have?

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