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Sharing some exciting events in the world of wine:

Top Ten Wine Accessory Gifts

Top 10 Wine Accessories for a Wine Lover

Ten must-have wine tools at home for wine lovers. Trendy AND practical, making the perfect thoughtful wine gifts. How many of these do you to see.


Great Wine of the Worlrd 2014

Great Wines of the World

Oct 31, 2014, Hong Kong

Over 100 wines from all over the world featured in this tasting organized by James Suckling and Tatler HK. Discover which wines truely stand out amidst the battle of the Titans. Wines poured include Mouton, Giacosa, Banfi, Almaviva, Sena... click for more.


grands jours de bourgogne

2012 Burgundy Vintage Report

March 17-21, 2014, France

An extensive taste of the 2012 Burgundy at the Grands Jours de Bourgogne. Is 2012 the "vintage de merde" or is it an elegant and expressive vintage? click for more.


Didier Gimonnet

The Purest Expression of Terroir: Didier Gimonnet

March 14, 2014, France

Without dispute, Selosse and Gimonnet are amongst the top grower Champagnes. Both stress elegance and terroir, yet their production methods vastly differ.

A morning conversation with Olivier Gimonnet on common misperceptions and vintage differences.. click for more.

Gravner Ribolla

A White Wine that is "Orange" in Color

Feb 6, 2014, USA

Only 20,000 bottles produced each year, Gravner Ribolla is an usual wine -- amber in color with a bright orange hue, intensely complex aromas, muscular structure, and with 20+ years of aging potential.

Crafted in a natural manner, the same way as how wines were produced 5,000 years ago.. click for more.


hospices de beaune

Hospices de Beaune 2013

Nov 17, 2013, France

The famed annual charity auction in Burgundy has the lowest number of lots to offer since 1981. Despite that, average price per lot increased 27% and a new sales record was created... click for more.


ProWein 2013 Dusseldorf

ProWein 2013

March 24-26, 2013, Germany

4,792 exhibitors from 48 countries, and first time participation by wine producers from China and Britain! Over 45,000 visitors, 38% are first-time attendants.

With an expanded floorspace, ProWein kept improving its program: a new trade forum, bar-tending shows, and special tasting zones for award-winning wines. No wonder 97% of its survey respondants remarked they were satisfied with their goals achieved.

ProWein also announed it will be hosting its first ProWine China in Nov 2013 in Shanghai!



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