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A lot of information is available on wines, from production techniques, grape types, to specific regional regulations. Rather than overwhelming you with all sorts of wine knowledge, we will focus on the fun, the practical, and the insightful ones.

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Structured wine classes offering a solid foundation, starting with wine tasting techniques. A library of useful tips and expert insights to help you increase your wine appreciation. Free download of great resources including wine tasting scorecards, temperature chart, party kits.


Wine Course Overview

  1. Wine Tasting Techiniques
  2. Basic Grapes
  3. How to Serve Wine
  4. Wine & Food Pairing
  5. Preserving an Opened Bottle
  6. Wine Temperature
  7. Ordering Wine in Restaurant
  8. Understand Wine Labels
  9. Wine Regions
  10. Proper Wine Storage
  11. Start a Wine Collection
  12. Avoid Common Wine Myths

** Wine Tasting Exercises

Expert Tips

A fun knowledge brings you smiles;
Useful wine tips take you miles.
Charity on top of wine class;
A better world, glass by glass.

Most Downloaded Tools
Wine Tasting Score Card
Wine Serving Temperature
Wine Aroma Table
Vintage Buying Guide


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